random daily thoughts. with some "i just beat cancer" stuff thrown in.

Monday, August 22, 2005

It's been quite a while since I've updated-- I've been thoroughly enjoying post-treatment life. I have a fuzzy little head of dark dark brown hair and I'm feeling pretty good with the exception of some aches and pains and lung trouble. But all that pales in comparison to how I felt during treatment... so I'm happy.

I've been married for over a month now, and I have to say John and I are very very happy. He had his 35th birthday yesterday and I made him breakfast and dinner by request (blueberry pancakes for breakfast and beef burgundy for dinner) and we laid around all day, napping and watching tv. It was great. :) I'm so glad he was born!

Post treatment life has brought challenges of it's own. I lost a friend to stomach cancer two weeks ago, and the realization that even the best of attitudes can't always beat cancer has been hard for me to swallow. She was a special lady, and will be oh-so-missed. I still get frustrated with how my body doesn't do exactly what I tell it to do. I must try to remember I am still recovering from a tremendous amount of poison that was being pumped into my body. But ugh! Sometimes I want to just be normal again. I am ready to be able to run again. But I think it will take me quite a while to get back to that place. When I get in the shower each morning, I feel very short of breath. The steam makes my lungs hurt. And I suppose this is one of the many side effects that I will just have to deal with.

I'll deal with anything, though. At least I'm cancer free.